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Flatline Studios in Portland, OR

May 13, 2011

I have mastered a lot of the albums that Terminill, owner and operator of Flatline Studios in Portland has recorded and mixed, most recently Luck-One’s “True Theory”, Amsterdam’s “It’s Not You, It’s Me”, Shao Sosa’s “Gateway Drug”, Kenny Mack’s “The Streets Ain’t Safe” and a few others over the years. He’s currently working with many of Portland’s Hip Hop and R&B artists, and it’s apparent that local artists are going to him for their recording and mixing needs for good reason.

Terminill is always pleasure to work with. If I ever need revisions done on mixes for the projects that I’m mastering, Terminill does them quickly and gives me plenty of headroom for the mastering stage (it’s great to find this level of professionalism in times where many mix engineers apply too many “mastering” effects and don’t know when to stop processing at the mix level).

His studio is equipped with Peluso mics, Great River pres, dbx compression, Pro Tools, Waves, Sonnox and Softube plug-ins. His studio has lounge & kitchen facilities and I hear there’s even a vending machine on the way. Check out Terminill’s/Flatline Studios’ website at:

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